New Wedding Reel

Happy Tuesday afternoon! I’m so excited to share our new wedding reel with you all! We have been absolutely floored by the amazing couples, intimate moments, and powerful stories we’ve gotten to film in the last six or so years. This film is dedicated to all of you! We truly wouldn’t be able to do […]

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A Family Update

Hey everyone! Ashleigh and I sincerely hope you are doing well. You may be wondering, and it is okay if you weren’t, where we have been. So consider this a family update! Wilder’s Birth: In September 2017 we welcomed our second son, Wilder, into the world. We now have two boys that are learning what […]

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Mitch + Lindsey

Hey everyone! Kent Mast here, sharing with you one of our favorite weddings of all time. Have you ever met people that you could instantly connect with? Mitch + Lindsey were those people. From our first phone call I knew this wedding was going to be truly incredible. They LOVE each other. And it is […]

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