Wedding Film: Will + Cara

Hey everyone! Just yesterday we made a thrilling announcement that has been at least a year in the making. We are undergoing a really massive rebrand in our business and we could highly encourage you to take a look at that post. We will no longer be using the name Kent Mast Photo & Video […]

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Wedding Film: Michael + Jenna

Hey everybody! While the Blog may look like we haven’t been busy – we most certainly have been! We are continuing to move forward with our exciting new wedding film brand (coming soon!), as well as working on a number of films for various companies/non-profits. So stay tuned on that end as well. Tonight I […]

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Wedding Film: Nicholas + Jeanette

Hey everyone! We are so excited to share Nicholas and Jeanette’s wedding film. They had a gorgeous wedding at Drumore Estates, and one of the most impactful First Look’s together that Ashleigh and I have had the honor to film. Their day was filled with awesome, emotional moments – we hope you enjoy! // Press play, […]

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Greg + Candace

Hey everyone! We are doing a ton of work behind the scenes here to launch our new brands as soon as possible, but in the mean time we have a special film for you all that we are super excited about. I was introduced to Greg + Candace a few weeks ago by Meagan Keller […]

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Wedding Film: Jonathan + Amanda

Hey everyone! When Amanda first inquired I was very, very excited. Amanda and her fiancé Jonathan were getting eloped and having a very tiny ceremony in Gettysburg. And by very tiny I mean literally the two of them with a minister under the falling autumn leaves. This was our very first elopement and it went […]

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