Wedding Film: Eric + Renata

Hey everyone! Ashleigh and I are so pumped to share this amazing wedding with you all! Eric + Renata were such a fun, gorgeous couple. They were married at the beautiful ocean front Allegria Hotel in Long Beach, NY. It was a cold and windy day in Long Beach, but we really can’t emphasize enough how much we […]

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Wedding Film: Cooper + Zoe

Hey everyone! Ashleigh and I are both SO thrilled to share this wedding film with you! This was absolutely one of our favorite weddings this year. Cooper + Zoe had written letters to each other, as well as exchanged gifts. They wrote their own vows, and made clear their intentions to each other and The Lord. […]

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Wedding Film: Pete + Elena

Hey everyone! Ashleigh and I are so excited to share with you Pete + Elena’s Wedding Film. Pete, also mentioned in the film by his Greek name Panayiotes, and Elena are such an amazing couple. They were so genuine, sincere, and kind. We can’t say enough about them! Their day was filled with Greek and […]

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Wedding Film: Tom + Sarah

Hey everyone! Ashleigh and I are so excited to share one of our latest wedding films with you featuring Tom + Sarah. We first connected with them through Ashleigh’s aunt Michelle who was helping coordinate the wedding. Tom + Sarah are from Auburn, Maine, so Ashleigh and I gladly took a trip to Maine to […]

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