A Family Update

Hey everyone! Ashleigh and I sincerely hope you are doing well. You may be wondering, and it is okay if you weren’t, where we have been. So consider this a family update! Wilder’s Birth: In September 2017 we welcomed our second son, Wilder, into the world. We now have two boys that are learning what […]

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New Beginnings

What do you do as a business when your current dreams are bigger than what you originally set out to create? 2014 2014 ended with resounding triumph. We had had our best year in sales as a business, and our best year in the type of work we were creating. We were able to be […]

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Katie Hall Creative Film

Hey everyone! I am so excited to share this Film with you. I met Katie through a wedding we shot together last year (Josh + Ashley’s); it’s just so cool how The Lord orchestrates these interactions. Katie reached out to me late last year with a vision for a Film that showed her interactions with […]

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Spotlight Series: Jeff Frandsen

Hello everybody! A few months ago I began feeling a real desire to begin interviewing other artists, creatives, business owners, etc, and feature some of their stories. My ultimate hope is to get away from comparison and unhealthy competition and help foster conversation. In high school I really took a liking to journalism and I […]

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