Wedding Film: Tom + Sarah

Hey everyone!

Ashleigh and I are so excited to share one of our latest wedding films with you featuring Tom + Sarah. We first connected with them through Ashleigh’s aunt Michelle who was helping coordinate the wedding. Tom + Sarah are from Auburn, Maine, so Ashleigh and I gladly took a trip to Maine to share in their wedding with them and their family. It was such a gorgeous day, and evening, for a backyard wedding. One of the things that stuck out to us the most was how they were both so overwhelmed with emotion on their wedding. To be able to have so much going on around them but not be distracted from each other. Their love was so evident and genuine – we truly couldn’t be more thankful that we got to share this day with them!

// Press play, hit pause, let it buffer, hit play. Enjoy! //


One thought on “Wedding Film: Tom + Sarah

  1. Ok Sarah and Tom! Uncle Mark and Aunt Cathy are sitting here on “the love couch” both wiping each other’s tears of joy as we watched you both and our loving family sharing this
    special day! We were so happy to be a part of this “treasured memory”! Love you both 4 – ever “plus” a day!

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