Wedding Film: Kyle + Kaitlyn

Hey everyone!

First off! We are excited not just because of this awesome wedding film we are going to share… but we are also excited because on September 15th we are launching the first stage of our new website! This blog will still exist at the same URL, but our website at will redirect everyone automatically to our new website and (basically) complete the first stage of our rebrand! There will be tweaks along the way but we are really overjoyed to have reached this point. Thank you all for being a part of our journey! Now to the real purpose of this post..

Kyle + Kaitlyn are AMAZING people. When they first reached out I was struck by how genuine and sincere they were. As I got to know them more that impression just kept growing and sticking with me. We loved this wedding so much. Kyle + Kaitlyn wrote incredible vows to each other that they shared with just myself, Ashleigh, and their photographer Dana in the room. We don’t always get couples that write their own vows like this – but each time we do it is so special. Their First Look was amazing as well. Even though there were other people in the room you could tell that their eyes and hearts were solely on each other. Kaitlyn was also walked down the aisle by her two grandfather’s. It was a day that really highlighted their love for their family, friends, and each other. After we put their Film together we saw just how much it affirmed one of our desire’s for our Clients: strong marriages that can be anchored through the storms of life. We are so thankful for Kaitlyn + Kyle for spending their Big Day with us!

Photographer: Dana Fleck Photography
Venue: Cork Factory Hotel
Caterer: Cork Factory Hotel
Florist: Petals With Style
DJ: Mixed Up Productions


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