Wedding Film: Will + Cara

Hey everyone!

Just yesterday we made a thrilling announcement that has been at least a year in the making. We are undergoing a really massive rebrand in our business and we could highly encourage you to take a look at that post. We will no longer be using the name Kent Mast Photo & Video so we want everyone to be aware of this shift – especially if this is your first time here at our Blog or viewing our work!:
Please click here to read that post

We are currently working on three wedding films that we are thrilled to share when we are able. Stay posted! Great stuff is coming as our summer seems to just be beginning!

We are so excited to share this particular film with you. Will + Cara had so many sweet moments throughout their wedding day. Will’s reaction to seeing Cara for the first time was priceless. Such a sweet, genuine moment. Grooms – please take note.

The notes they wrote to each other, their First Look, they way they interacted with each other and their guests.. And it didn’t hurt that everything was surrounded by the beauty of the Bucknell University campus. Absolutely stunning.

// Press play, hit pause, let it buffer, hit play. Enjoy! //

Photographer: Amber Marie Photography
Venue: Bucknell University
Catering: Bucknell Catering
Live Music at Reception: Bachelor Boys Band
Live Painter at Reception: Andy, Celebration Paintings


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