New Beginnings Part 5: Our New Business Names

Hey everyone!

I have talked with a number of you who have really appreciated our updates and actually enjoyed the journey and process that we are on. It truly has been so encouraging to us, and even surprising, just to know that people actually care and follow not just our work but us.

For those of you just tuning in…

Recent Updates:
In 2015 we welcomed our newest team member, Andrei!
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Hiring Andrei inadvertently brought major clarity and vision. We decided that we needed to split our Commercial work and our Wedding work into two separate, distinct brands.
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After deciding to split our Wedding and Commercial work into two distinct brands we found that we could realistically only hold onto Wedding Films or Wedding Photography. We decided to fully invest our time with our wedding brand into Wedding Filmmaking and no longer offer Wedding Photography or Portrait packages.
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After wrestling through many frustrations when it came to working from home we felt The Lord was leading me, for the first time in the history of our business and self-employed lives, to trust Him for provision and move the office out of our home and into Hingework – a community work space in Lancaster City.
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Current Update:
I feel that overall this year has been one of the quieter ones from us in terms of the amount of work we are releasing. This does not mean we are slowing down our production work load, and it definitely does not mean we are enjoying this any less. In fact, I feel as aggressive for excellence and creating as ever. To summarize, I think we are stepping into a more restful place in our business. God is our provider and He will not fail! We have a lot of films and photos we haven’t released yet, mostly because we are still working through the logistics of where to put them through our rebranding process.

Hingework has proved to be tremendously helpful to me as a creative – but more importantly as a whole person. I’m finding immense enjoyment in the separation we have from work. Being able to take evening walks, maybe a bike ride, and not feel “Oh I need to check my email.” We are learning to let go and have joy again in people, each other, and The Lord. He has been so faithful to us as we continue to step far, far out of our comfort zones.

Getting To This Point:
It’s hard to believe we are getting ready to launch everything. It feels like just yesterday that I was still in my home office with Andrei – frustrated at what our brand had become. It can be unbelievably hard creating because we’re constantly facing where we are – not where we wish we could be. The gap between our taste and our work can often seem so wide. But I’m grateful that we put the hours and time into creating something that we are proud of and excited about again.

Our New Business Names:
We have had our new business names for a while but were unsure of how to best roll that out. We wanted the names to actually represent who we have become over the past 3-5 years in business. Kent Mast Photo & Video was very bland and boring to me, and more importantly, was way off base of what we were able to produce for our Clients and the experience they would receive.

For our Wedding Film brand:
The bottom line is we are a husband and wife team. This is something that was never reflected well by Kent Mast Photo & Video, and it bothered me a lot. My wife and I shoot everything together (except in emergencies, like when my wife was within two weeks of her delivery date.) We are not going to become a business that subcontracts and farms out major elements of our shooting. We want our Clients to feel an absolute confidence of who is going to be showing up on their wedding, and what product that guarantees they will receive. We do not want to book 50+ weddings a year. Praise God for those businesses, I am friends with some of them, but where we are right now – that is not the direction we feel comfortable with. I know we could grow a big business like that, and I’m sure we could do that very well, but that isn’t who we are. We want to create awesome relationships with each of our Clients and give them an unforgettable experience. It is our desire to model strong, selfless, Christ-centered marriage to our Clients. We want to capture people who are madly in love. We want to offer excellent representations of who our Clients are as individuals, and as a couple. We want our Films to move people to the point of emotion, joy, and excitement. So! We are officially, excitedly, proudly changing our wedding film company name to K + A Films. K + A Films will be launching officially within the next month or so. Once that happens, our website will automatically redirect people to K + A Films, and we will retire the name Kent Mast Photo & Video. I’m so ready.

For our Commercial Film/Photography brand:
Just to clarify when I say “Commercial Film and Photography” I mean working with businesses, organizations, non-profits, churches, ministries, etc, to produce and provide branding materials for their needs. I feel like Kent Mast Photo & Video never sounded like a name that I wanted to give to businesses and organizations. It felt very.. 8th grader with a video camera. In 2015 we really felt a leading to get aggressive about our creating and story telling. We wanted to bring in the right people for the right jobs. We wanted people to speak into what we were creating so that we could give even better products to our Clients. It is our desire to excel ridiculously when it comes to creating expectations, walking our Clients through our creative process, communicating thoroughly, and delivering above and beyond the expectations that we set. Our commercial brand is still being developed. The website is not finished. In fact we are scrapping it completely and rebuilding it from the ground up with the help of Jeff Frandsen. (Who by the way is a killer photographer, designer, creative entrepreneur.. who sits right next to me at Hingework!) So with all of that said – probably in the Fall – we will be launching our new commercial film and photography brand which will be named The Mast Collective. The brand is going to emphasize collaboration and storytelling in order to present the best possible outcomes to our Clients and their goals/desires.

As I hope you can tell.. we are so excited to begin launching these new faces to our business. I finally feel like we are taking steps in the direction we are called. I look forward to sharing everything with you guys as it comes out!

And again WE COULD NOT DO THIS WITHOUT YOU. Thank you so much!


6 thoughts on “New Beginnings Part 5: Our New Business Names

  1. Sooooo, like “K & A” that hangs above your fireplace mantel?:)

    Sounds very exciting and productive:) 🙂 🙂

    Packing for Knoebels. Talk to you more there:) 🙂 🙂 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 ❌⭕️❌⭕️

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  2. Especially love the name for the commercial business! I feel like it really expresses the heart of your brand well, from what I’m hearing. So excited for you guys! Much success and peace to your family!

    1. Aw thank you so much, Jamie! We are looking forward to seeing how everything unfolds. And again we couldn’t do this without encouragement from people like you!

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