New Beginnings: Part 3

Hello everyone! So.. a lot of changes going on here, all of which we are really excited for. We are also making another relatively large change, but first here is a brief summary of some of our recent changes:

Recent Updates:
In 2015 we welcomed our newest team member, Andrei!
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Hiring Andrei inadvertently brought some major clarity and vision. Through extensive conversation with Ashleigh and Andrei during 2015, we decided that we needed to split our Commercial work and our Wedding work into two separate, distinct brands.
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After deciding to split our Wedding and Commercial work into two distinct brands we found that, despite our best efforts to hold onto both Wedding Photography and Wedding Filmmaking, we could realistically only hold onto one or the other. We decided to fully invest our time with our wedding brand into Wedding Filmmaking and no longer offer Wedding Photography or Portrait packages.
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I honestly expected those changes to be the biggest changes for a long time. What else could The Lord possibly be doing?

God is God, and I Am Not:
I’ll start with something I’ve observed in the few years I’ve been in business. God is God, and I am not. There have been times where I’m so certain that something needs to look a certain way, and I have a lot of reasons to support it, but I keep hitting a wall of frustration over the issue. This sometimes happens in planning, in shooting, or in editing. A program will just stop working for “no reason.” A person will stop responding for “no reason.” A project gets delayed for “no reason” that I can control. But almost every single time that I can think of, even though I’m frustrated in the moment, it was The Lord redirecting us toward something else. He took care of the problem, and He gave us a better solution than I was going to do by myself. This happens constantly. I’m slowly learning to pick up on God’s cues.

Recently I began noticing some things in my life that I didn’t know what to do with. I was present at home, but unable to mentally check out from work. I was physically walking around the house, talking to my wife, carrying our son.. and in this fog of thinking about how I need to respond to this or that situation. I was prepared to plow through and keep trying harder to keep all of it together.

We had planned on keeping our business in our upstairs office for literally as long as possible. It was working so well for when Ashleigh needed me with Kai, I was easily accessible, I could go upstairs and work with flexibility when I needed to throughout the day. And it was so helpful for certain seasons. But the tension pulled on me to “just go check my email real quick,” or “I have to go take a look at the server, I’m not sure what’s going on.” However, somewhere in there home stopped feeling like home. I would be in my house all day whether I was in the office or not. And on top of those things I had this gnawing to be in our local community of artists, feeling that by working from home I had basically dropped off the map of relevance and relationship.

This wasn’t something I noticed right away. I really only noticed some of the symptoms in my day to day life but I had become so accustomed to them that I thought that maybe I just needed to deal with it. Mark Buckwalter, who has a creative work space called Hingework, reached out to me after a prompting from The Lord… and Jeff Frandsen. Mark had reached out to me a number of times over the last couple of months but each time I told him it wasn’t time yet. When he called just a few weeks ago, he had no idea that I was wrestling through these things. But it was his call that helped me to begin processing these feelings. So even though I could try my best to hold the frustrations together, we are taking this as a sign to take that next step of faith, entrusting that The Lord is able and willing to provide us with the work to sustain the office moving out.

Our Decision:
It is with great excitement that I announce to you our move to Hingework beginning April 1st. Our hope is that this will begin a season of more restful time at home, more focused time during work, and more rejuvenating time with fellow creatives who are seeking The Lord in their own businesses. I will actually be able to leave work! In the 4 years we’ve been in full time business we’ve never had that ability to walk out of a building and trust that it will be okay. We have always had the business in whatever living space we had at the time.

We would appreciate and value your prayers for us in this season. If you feel like The Lord is saying anything to you for us please pass that along. Encouragement, caution, scripture.. We want to hear what God has for us.

Prayer Requests:
– Pray for Ashleigh and I, that this would help our relationship, not hinder it. As I’ve mentioned, this is my first time working outside of the home, and it will require more intentionality from us both to make this work.
– Pray for the work to come to sustain this move. Each time we’ve made a decision like this in faith, God has provided the resources. This feels like one of those times, but we need The Lord to continue confirming our steps.
– Pray for rejuvenation for us in this move. Our hope is that this will put more space between my work life and my personal life, which will actually fuel my creativity and desire in both.

We can not thank you all enough for being a part of our journey! We value each of the friends, family, and clients who have enabled us to see our dream continue to expand. Stay tuned for even more updates in the coming months regarding our new Wedding and Commercial brands we are launching this year!


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