New Beginnings: Part 2

Hello everyone! If you’ve been keeping up with our journey recently there have been several key updates. 

Recent Updates:
In 2015 we welcomed our newest team member, Andrei!
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Hiring Andrei inadvertently brought clarity and vision. Through extensive conversation with Ashleigh and Andrei during 2015, we decided that we needed to split our Commercial work and our Wedding work into two separate, distinct brands.
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I fully expected those to be the largest decisions we would be making for a while. But The Lord brought up one more area that I believe He desires to prune for our good.

A Bit of History:
When we first began our business full time around three and a half years ago I was starting out primarily, in my mind, as a photographer who had some video capabilities. Our wedding bookings were almost entirely Wedding Photography. After a year or so we were still split about 50/50 between our Wedding Photography packages and our Wedding Film packages.

As time passed we began to notice a shift. People were becoming very excited about our Wedding Films. Most of our inquiries and bookings began to be for our Wedding Films. The people who booked us for Wedding Photography were still super excited about our photographs, but our Wedding Films picked up unprecedented speed. This pushed me to think and plan in new ways and it began dictating most of our time, planning, resources, expenses, etc. It kind of took me by surprise, to be honest, how much our Wedding Films took off. However, I didn’t want to let go of our Wedding Photography and Portraits because we loved it – and we still do!

But an inconsistency began developing. While we were spending most of our time, planning, resources, and expenses on our Film work, we continued to spend most of our advertising money on our Wedding Photography in hopes that it would pick up. I pushed hard to make it work, whereas our Wedding Films just took off themselves. This was very difficult. While we very much enjoy Wedding Photography and portraiture it became clear that I was trying to force things that, at large, we were being steered away from. And I honestly didn’t know how to let go.

We find ourselves in a season of life we never expected – we are, from the ground up, creating a new Commercial brand, and a new Wedding brand, all with a 5 month old infant. As we were building the Wedding Photography + Wedding Film brand just recently I began to notice that we may even need to separate our Wedding Photography from our Wedding Films. However, we are not able to devote time to creating an all new Wedding Photography brand.

What This Means Moving Forward:
This has led us to a hard, but I think right, decision. After our final Wedding Photography booking in 2017, and the handful of portrait bookings we have remaining, we will be taking an indefinite amount of time to see where The Lord would have us devote our energies as a business when it comes to Wedding Photography and portraiture. At this time we feel that He wants us to focus our energy entirely on Wedding Films and our Commercial brand moving forward as it seems to be where we are receiving the most interest.

We will still be following through with everyone that we have currently booked for Wedding Photography and portraiture. However, we will no longer be accepting any new bookings in these areas.

Is it easy to be saying goodbye to this chapter in our business and lives? Is it easy to realize that a particular area of our business didn’t quite fulfill the vision that I set out for? Absolutely not. Was it kind of scary to know that we were already pruning our wedding bookings in order to give them each our individual attention, only to prune a quarter of our wedding bookings by focusing exclusively on Film? Absolutely. It was gut wrenching: especially between the idea of letting go, and the actual act of making the decision. But since making the decision I feel complete peace and rest that this is the path The Lord would have for us.

We are so thankful to all of the Brides + Grooms who entrusted us as their Wedding Photographers, as well as their family’s, and anyone else who encouraged us in it. We have made some amazing relationships and memories. God used Wedding Photography to begin our business, and we have been blown away by His faithfulness in it. But it is time for us to set our hearts completely on 1) Wedding Films, and 2) Commercial Photography + Film.

New updates will be coming in the next few months about our new brands and websites. Please stay tuned!


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