Wedding Film: Bobby + Brittany

Good Sunday evening!

We have a really special film to share with you all. We first met the Colmery family at Ben + Megan’s wedding in 2012, through Heather Beerman who was photographing their wedding (at the time, she was still Heather Green.) We totally fell in love with this family.

Since Ben + Megan’s wedding, we went on to film Roger + Aubrey’s wedding in 2014. Aubrey is Megan and Bobby’s cousin, and we were thrilled to further be a part of their family’s story.

This year we filmed Bobby + Brittany; Bobby is Megan’s brother. Next weekend we are also filming Kara’s wedding; Kara is Aubrey’s sister. Again, we have just been blown away by The Lord’s faithfulness to us through this family, who first came to us as we were in the very early stages of our business. We can’t thank them enough! It has been a joy and honor to be at so many major moments in their lives.

Bobby + Brittany’s wedding was held in Western PA, past Pittsburgh. A number of weeks prior to their wedding we were listening to One Republic’s latest album and we both thought a few of the tracks would be great for some of our Wedding Films. Bobby + Brittany’s wedding was, in fact, pretty perfect for it. They were so joyful, happy, energetic, expressive. Bobby’s reaction to his family, his sister’s, and finally Brittany walking down the aisle was incredible. A groom overwhelmed with the emotion of seeing his bride; an amazing picture of the hopeful future of those who follow and know Jesus as their Lord. The same Jesus who saved us is the same Jesus who awaits the gathering together of his church for one huge eternal party.

// Click HD 1080, press play, hit pause, let it buffer, hit play. Enjoy! //


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