Assembling the Nursery

Hey everyone!

One of my objectives for this year has been to introduce a little bit more of our personal story into the blogging we do for our business. It is also a great opportunity to just have creative fun with both writing and photography.

Ashleigh, for those of you who don’t know, is due in September with our firstborn! We are pumped to be parents and trying to rest up plenty before our very vocal baby comes. This also means that we are excitedly preparing the house and nursery by doing as much Yardsaling and online thrifting as possible. Ashleigh was able to find a used crib in killer condition for only $40! Score.

One of my favorite parts of pregnancy (not that I’ve truly experienced pregnancy… Props to the ladies… ) so far has been watching Ashleigh get more and more excited as each new step of the journey unfolds. Seeing her reaction to seeing our baby on the ultrasound, being with her in the room when we both heard the baby’s heartbeat.. We don’t know anything about this baby, but we already love it, we already have dreams and emotions for it.. This is just a tiny fraction of what God must feel when he sees His children enjoying Him, His creation, and walking in the fullness of life and freedom in Christ that He has created for them. I want you to know that He is not indifferent toward our joy or our hurts. He is not cold or distant. He is ever-present, He rejoices over His own with great joy, He holds all things together for His glory. That is just stunning. To be able to see my wife enter into those moments of joy and know that we are in for the most challenging and rewarding adventure of our lives.. and to know that God is right there in each moment.. it just doesn’t get any better than that. I’m preaching to myself right now.

Here are some photos that I grabbed of Ashleigh, her mom, and her sister while the crib was being set up. These fleeting moments of life are really all that we have.



















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