Wedding Film: Chris + Amber

Hey everyone!

Here is me and Ashleigh’s most recent Wedding Film featuring Chris + Amber. We had an AWESOME time at this one. The worship was fantastic, which Chris + Amber led. It is so awesome to get to see into those behind-the-scenes moments at Weddings, for example the prayer that Chris prays without seeing Amber. It’s just awesome getting to do what we do, and it’s been such a blessing. God often ministers to me personally while editing the footage, which is always awesome as well.

// Click HD 1080, press play, hit pause, let it buffer, hit play. Enjoy! //

Stylistically I wanted this Wedding Film to be a little different from the past few that I’ve done, which have gone more into the Epic/Cinematic vein, which I hadn’t done much of but I love how they turned out. This one is a little bit more of a return to my earlier work, except far more polished. It is hard to believe that I’ve only been doing this for a couple of years. The difference of quality between when I first began, and where things are now, is absolutely exponential. If in any way you are an artist and you feel like you are hitting ruts, I have no better advice than to tell you to push through with all of your power to get to the other side of that wall. My favorite, yet hardest, moments are when I’m editing and I just pray “God I have no idea where this is going, take control of this video.” He has yet to disappoint in any way.


2 thoughts on “Wedding Film: Chris + Amber

  1. Very good. I enjoyed every segment, lighting, music, narration, editing, etc… I love it. You two compliment each other very well, it flows.

  2. What a wonderful video… did a fantastic job….thank you

    Would you mind telling me what the title of the song is that you used for the video? I have had a few people ask me…..they really like it…..
    Thank you

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