Wedding Film: Brent + Andrea

Hey everybody!

Here is a much anticipated (by Ashleigh and I) Blog post featuring, as the title says, Brent + Andrea’s Wedding Film, shot in the Florida Keys this past December. We (Ashleigh and I) drove down (Yes drove) to the Florida Keys in a two day span, stopping once in South Carolina to visit her old youth pastors. We were able to catch some sunrise beach worship, and escape the awful Pennsylvania winter. I also had the awesome opportunity to hear her sing, and ladies and gentlemen it is safe to say, she’s a rockstar. We also prayed for the opportunity to minister to people, and in South Carolina, we ran into a lady who needed a ride from a gas station. We decided to take her to her destination. Her name was Arnetta. And oh, by the way, she had just been released from prison. We aren’t even making this up. She also prophesied that Ashleigh and I would be getting married. Sweet mother. I was laughing and nodding in the front seat. Ashleigh was trying to hide.


We had a BLAST down in the Keys with the lovely couple, as well as Meagan and Kristen who photographed the big day. And then we drove another 20 hours back.

Brent and Andrea have an amazing Story of what God has done in their relationship, and in bringing them together. Their vows were awesome, and it always gets me pumped hearing a guy talking about how he is going to lay himself down for his Bride, like Christ did for the church.

// Click HD 1080, press play, hit pause, let it buffer, hit play. Enjoy! //



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